Commercial AI

Leading fuels pricing teams for wholesale and street use our AI systems to predict customer and competitor response to changing product prices with our dynamic forward-looking elasticity and competitor pricing forecasts.

Competitors’ Future Price Moves

Our Market Vision AI forecast system dramatically improves both profitability and market share of downstream fuels businesses by accurately predicting competitor pricing on a daily basis.

  • Customer-specific AI models engineered and optimized for unique regional and competitor dynamics
  • AI Systems for both Retail (street) and Wholesale (rack) pricing teams
  • 100% SaaS, zero IT load

Customers’ Future Price Elasticity

Our Elasticity Vision AI elasticity system accurately identifies favorable near-term future pricing periods, allowing customers to maximize brand value and profit while expanding market share.

  • Customer-specific AI models engineered to predict forward-looking volumetric sensitivity to price changes
  • AI output is delivered directly to pricing teams with easy-to-follow guidance
  • AI guidance is generated at the most granular product + site level, and is then aggregated to customer’s preferred decision-making level


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Average Year One improvement to fuel margin

Elasticity Vision

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Precision Forecasting inelastic pricing periods

System Uptime

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